All things sheepy starts 2015….three weeks late!!

Happy New Year to you all!! Late I know but before the Chinese New Year!

What are you planning for 2015?  Great plans and ideas here at SheepyCreations…will share over the coming months.

Felting needles were put away for Christmas on the 24th December, and are yet to make a reappearance.  Have been trying to knit a handbag over the festive break as knitting is a little more sociable than needle felting, but that is another story.

Family visits, the good,  and illness, the bad, have meant an extended break over the holiday season.  Having my sons home from university was wonderful and it great witnessing what amazing young men they are growing into. Sorry, but I am just so proud of them!! Just into 2015, my OH decided to keep up his amazing generosity, having bought me Horace for Christmas, by sharing his cold. Of course, it has to go and land on my chest resulting in me barking louder than Dexter…On the mend now and ready to get back to ‘all things sheepy’!

2015 is the Year of the Sheep. So I have high hopes for both myself and SheepyCreations, after all my name does mean ‘ewe’ in Hebrew, so this is our year!!!

SheepyCreations will go on making the miniatures, but I have promised myself some creative freedom.  Not sure what this will fully entail but pictures, sculptures, wearable art, etc. are the outlines.

Well, before I start on the new range I will share over the next few days some of the miniatures, made before Christmas.

bridey4 This beauty is Bridey, and was my first American model.  She was commissioned by a lovely man David for his wife Donna’s birthday, it took a little bit more organising, but the result was my first needle felted sculpture to go across the water to America.  David was so excited when ‘Mini Bridey’ made it to Arizona, needless to say Donna got an early birthday gift.

DSCF5010 DSCF5011 DSCF4992 DSCF5015 DSCF4996

Now settled in to his new home.

I love making Haffies as they have such wonderful colouring, and when doing their faces it is the subtle way the colour fades and greys are introduced that really can bring out character in their faces.

Myfanwy sorry but still I have not managed to start the winter journal, but I have good intentions to catch up very soon!  Honest….


Missing In fibres…

As I said when I started this blog, that I was not going to blog everyday…I did not expect that I would be so neglectful so soon after starting…

Well, I am back! Don’t know for how long, but will upload some of the pages from the ‘Summer Journal’ challenge later, but for now I would like to show you one of the things that has been keeping me busy.

Doug the Pug playing in the garden
Doug the Pug playing in the garden

The little man is Doug the Pug, he is currently enjoying playing here in the Yorkshire sunshine! He will be up for sale when he has had enough playing in the garden…

Can not believe where July has gone, time seems to have past by so quickly.

Day 7 Eggs…:/


Today’s prompt from Myfanwy Hart over at was What can you do with an egg?

Well, actually now, not a lot!!! I have developed allergies and eggs are one of the things I can no longer eat. So gone are the eggs with breakfast-scrambled, fried, omelette, poached, boiled, etc. Picnics no longer have quiches/flans and the good old egg mayo now resigned to other peoples sandwiches. No more home-made custard with vanilla pods, and egg custard tarts with sweet shortcrust pastry, but better than itching and scratching myself to pieces and all that comes with them.

Of course eggs are versatile and can be used in crafts. I have used their shells in pictures, dyed with pigments and crushed. Painted blown ones for Easter, and papier-mache…..

Day 6 Every Day

Day 6 of the journal challenge set by Myfanwy on Today’s prompt was ‘Think hard about your day. Tell us one thing that you do every day.
Of course, there’s shower, wash hair, pots, clean, cook, walk Dexter, read, watch TV, felt, etc.  But then when you think more other things come to mind-looking across the park, enjoy the view, play with the daft dog, etc.
But the really important things that come to mind are FAMILY…each day I tell my other half I love him, my boys too! The boys are away at Uni but some way they get told….xxxx
Make the most of life…what is good in my life? I check every day…. 🙂

Day 5 Books, books, books….


Not had a lot of time to give to today’s prompt-
Do you lose yourself in a good book? Drama? Detective? Maybe, you would rather watch a good film to TV programme instead?

What’s better than curling up with a good book and a drink? Losing yourself in the plot, getting to know the characters, anticipating what is going to happen, dreading turning the page in case your favourite character dies.
That feeling as the book comes to a close and all the questions are answered and the mystery solved, then that feeling that those characters that were part of your imagination are suddenly gone, but maybe there’s a sequel or are they part of a series of stories???

Or is it better when looking for inspiration you flick through a pile of books…from gardens to Monet, chairs to cheese, felting to sheep finding a wealth of information, knowledge, facts, let alone all the pictures, paintings, illustrations, diagrams on any subject you wish!

You can also teaching yourself a new skill…

I love films and enjoy TV, but they don’t beat the pictures in my head. My interpretation not limited by technology or someone else’s ideas. Now my bed is calling….I wonder what will happen to Gunter tonight, will he get out of prison, will he work with the CIA?

Books, books, books……

Day 4 Perfect Day??

Prompt 4 “Let’s be real-no dreaming (well, not much) What would be your perfect day?

I have found this really quite difficult. After all, what is perfect??

Faultless, no blemishes, ideal, complete, ultimate, flawless, etc.

I don’t think I could narrow it down to what one perfect day would be…

It would have many elements-






I know that my moods and needs change from day to day! 🙂

I suppose if push came to shove, I would have to say my perfect day would be:-

A snow covered Christmas,waking to see the snow falling gently. My immediate family gathered, spending time around a real fire laughing and joking. Eating good food and drinking wine and enjoying each others company. With the aroma of a real Christmas tree wafting through the house to relaxing sounds of everyone relaxed and happy!

Tomorrow it may be different-a beautiful summers day at the beach, watching the tennis at Wimbledon , walking the dog in the peace and quiet of the countryside, making felt in my workshop. One thing I am certain about is that FAMILY is core to each and every PERFECT day!

Day 3 What’s your style?

Today’s prompt was Make a fashion statement-What’s your style? What makes you comfortable or smart? Never been a follower of fashion, just wearing what I like, sometimes when I was young to make a statement! Red hair, strange outfits, make up, during my teens, but life has a habit of throwing you a curved ball which hits in the gut and takes all that confidence and vitality away…And you conform, dress as you think people expect, dull clothes which say nothing…and the colour and the energy slips away! The colour palette gets washed until the only thing left is black, safe, none threatening black, add a bit of colour here and there, nothing too much! But keeps you hidden and safely in the shadows…..


Every now and then, the inner me would escape with a huge splash of colour, but was soon put back in its place and ‘normality’ resumed. Life is strange and if you are lucky, I didn’t think so at the time, some thing happens that stops you in your tracks and you have to stop and reevaluate YOU! I rediscovered ME! Not what others wanted, not what I thought others wanted or expected. No I found me…what I wanted, expected and LIKED!


I no longer ‘fit in’, I’m me! The black has faded and the colours have reappeared…more vibrant, bold, individual than ever before, but personal to me! They make no statement other than here’s Rachel…. I like what I like and I wear what makes me feel good and comfortable. I’m not precious over what I wear-as long as it doesn’t get in the way!

Day Two-if all the world was chocolate-What would I miss?

Well today started very chocolately…the prompt for the journal was “If all the world was chocolate…” Then on my favourite networking page we had our virtual breakfast of churros and hot chocolate.
I’m one of those strange women…I’m not very keen on chocolate!! So a world of chocolate would be HELL! Messy, sticky, brown, sugary, sweet, gooey, dull….yuck!
NO I want colour, bright, sensual, adorable colours, rich reds, gorgeous green, vibrant violets….ok I’m getting carried away, but imagine just shades of brown everywhere!
Sweet sickly smells.
No scents of fresh coffee, baking bread, freshly cut grass, aftershave, wet dog….think of all the things that would be gone never to be smelt again! Sticky tar on a hot summers day…that one takes me back to childhood!
Wet sand on a sea soaked beach…

A New Beginning…

July 1st 2014

I have been meaning to start a blog for quite a while, to support SheepyCreations and the felty  work going on there….BUT I decided that I needed a structured activity so I signed up to a Journalling Challenge with Myfanwy Hart at  I have never ‘done’ a journal, but am looking forward to the next two months of prompts from Myfanwy.

I will try to write daily on here, but no promises!

Today’s prompt was

Prompt 1

Take some time today to be quiet. Maybe you will have a chance to sit in the garden – or at the window – or even on the bus. Wherever you are, just take time to LISTEN.

Write about what you hear.

My first ever journal page…not totally happy with it, but I can only grow from here.  Not sure if we should revisit or not, but would like to add some illustrations, bees, dog, leaves!!

And as for SheepyCreations another commission came in today out of the blue, no networking!!! Yeah.  Still need to unpack from the FAB Woolfest, so many goodies and so much inspiration.  Find more about my fibreart at

See you all tomorrow.